Employee Owners


employee owners.Our employee-owners work on some of the most challenging and rewarding projects around the U.S.  Working at Normandeau Associates, Inc. will provide you with the opportunity to collaborate with a professional workforce of extremely talented science-based professionals.

Normandeau Associates, Inc., in business for nearly 40 years, is an employee-owned company known throughout the U.S. for its technical excellence and unparalleled client service. The company specializes in natural resource management, water quality monitoring and modeling, habitat restoration, environmental monitoring, and public involvement. Staff is trained in the biological, chemical, or physical sciences, or related areas such as environmental planning and landscape design.

Normandeau Associates was founded in 1970 as a privately owned company. In July 2000, the company became employee-owned. Company management believes that employee ownership will further enhance technical excellence and ability to solve clients’ environmental problems effectively and efficiently. Employee ownership also provides the company with a competitive advantage in an industry that is characterized by mergers, consolidations and restructuring. Many of our senior staff have worked together for over 25 years.

From its offices in several states, Normandeau Associates serves a broad range of clients in the public and private sectors. Professional staff work closely with clients, regulators and the public to seek solutions that enhance economic development, meet regulatory requirements, and protect and restore our natural resources and water quality. As we move forward in the 21st Century, more and more industries and governmental entities are recognizing the importance of sustainable approaches in their operations. Our highly energized staff investigate and develop solutions that are winners for both our clients and the environment.