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Normandeau Associates provides a wide range of environmental and communications services to many Native American tribes across the country. The following are representative examples of project work conducted by our staff.

Camp Creek Habitat Enhancement Project for the Karuk Tribe
Camp Creek, California

Degraded stream habitat in lower Camp Creek, a tributary to Klamath River, was limiting spawning and rearing opportunities for Chinook and Coho salmon and steelhead. Normandeau Associates staff designed and supervised construction of habitat enhancements along 0.3 miles of lower stream channel where on-going stream bank instability and erosion had degraded salmonid spawning gravels and filled in deeper water juvenile salmonids rearing habitat. Specific tasks included detailed site surveys to characterize channel conditions and identify areas for potential habitat enhancement opportunities, review stream hydrology to identify range of flows in project area, prepare a prescription of appropriate habitat enhancement structures, and preparation of detailed design drawings of boulder weirs, deflectors, and clusters. Boulder structures were designed and sited to deflect flow from unstable banks, and increase lower basin fish production potential by promoting accumulation of suitably-sized salmonid spawning gravels, increasing habitat diversity through scour, provide additional rearing habitat through creation of fish cover element sand velocity shelters.

Flathead River Instream Flow Study Project for the Confederated Salish and Kootenay Tribes
Polson, Montana

Instream flow studies conducted on the Flathead River and tribal reservation tributaries were evaluated to determine their technical adequacy for making tribal water rights claims in state and federal court. The studies were reviewed for transect representation of the project streams, quality of field data, hydraulic model calibration, development of habitat suitability criteria, and methods of interpretation. Normandeau Associates staff also assisted the tribes in crafting water rights claims for the protection and restoration of the Flathead River as a result of Kerr Dam operations and of reservation tributaries affected by irrigation project flow diversions.

Forsythe Creek Fish Habitat Evaluation Project for the Karuk Tribe
Eureka and Coyote Valley Reservation, California

As part of U.S. EPA Water Quality Assessment Program, Normandeau Associates conducted field surveys to document exiting conditions of fish resources along tribal property on lower Forsythe Creek and West Fork Russian River. Several stream surveys were conducted and included both habitat mapping and backpack electrofishing. Degraded stream habitat in lower Forsythe Creek was documented and potential habitat restoration measures were recommended. Local tribal students were introduced to, and participated in, several stream survey filed sampling techniques including the use of backpack electrofishing and benthic macroinvertebrate sampling, as well as species identification techniques.

Klamath River Tributary Delta Evaluation Project
Bureau of Indian Affairs
Redding, California
Gravel deltas present in tributary confluences in the Yurok tribal reservation of the lower Klamath River were evaluated to determine their potential impact on access to salmonid spawning habitat. Field surveys were conducted on representative tributary deltas in conjunction with review of historic aerial photographs. The field surveys measured water depths and migration distances under existing conditions, while aerial photographs showed the pattern of gravel delta formation and scour over time. Pebble counts within the deltas were made to determine the flows required for sediment scour and transport. Recommendations were made for potential remedial actions that would allow access to tributary spawning habitat under a wider range of physical conditions and combinations of Klamath River and tributary flows.

Sitka Airport Runway Safety Area Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
Improvements have been proposed for the runway safety area at Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport. The project involves the installation of an approach lighting system, extension of the parallel taxiway, relocation of the seaplane pullout, and repairs and improvements to the airport's seawall. The work will be performed in an ecologically sensitive area, required an EIS, and was of interest to a variety of stakeholders. Normandeau Associates was responsible for developing, coordinating, and implementing the public involvement strategies for the EIS. The process required outreach to federal, tribal, and state governments; local agencies; environmental, community, and neighborhood groups; and the general public. The extensive public involvement process included community meetings, focus groups, newsletter production, newspaper and legal advertising, and development of the project website.

Trinity River Instream Flow Study Project for the Hoopa Valley Tribal Council
Hoopa, California

Instream flow studies conducted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service were evaluated to determine their technical adequacy for making water management recommendations. The studies were reviewed for transect representation of the Trinity River, quality of field data, hydraulic model calibration, development of habitat suitability criteria, and methods of interpretation. On behalf of the Hoopa Tribe, Normandeau Associates staff participated in Department of Interior deliberations for crafting water release strategies from Trinity Dam to protect and enhance salmonid habitat and populations. The process resulted in recommendations submitted to the Interior Secretary for future operations of the Trinity River Project.