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Normandeau Services.Our staff of more than 250 professionals works closely with clients, regulators, and the public to seek solutions that enhance economic development, meet regulatory requirements, protect and restore our natural resources, and improve communities.

Normandeau brings considerable project experience in fulfilling the requirements of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), the Endangered Species Act (ESA), and the Clean Water Act (CWA), as well as other appropriate federal, state, and local regulatory agency regulations that are at the core of successful offshore project development. Our environmental project teams are managed by experienced scientists who know and understand these requirements, the regulatory agencies, and the principal technical issues that can be encountered with each project. Normandeau also has extensive experience with regulatory agency interaction through our public involvement efforts.

We provide services across several market sectors. Throughout our organization we combine experience, continuous training, hard work, and a rigorous commitment to excellence to deliver the highest possible level of service to our clients.

Our diverse team includes:

  • permitting/NEPA specialists
  • marine, aquatic, wetland, and terrestrial ecologists
  • environmental planners
  • fisheries biologists and limnologists
  • ornithologists and bat biologists
  • botanists
  • soil scientists, geologists, and hydrologists
  • engineers
  • GIS/CAD specialists
  • statisticians and data processing specialists
  • report production personnel
  • public involvement professionals