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wetlands.Normandeau has one of the largest staffs of practicing wetlands scientists nationwide. Our wetlands services and capabilities include

  • wetlands mapping using aerial photography
  • field wetlands delineation and functional assessment
  • mitigation site search, design, construction oversight, and post-construction monitoring
  • third party reviews
  • federal, state, and local permitting

Techniques we use to perform wetland delineations and characterizations include the use of global positioning system (GPS) technology, as well as aerial photo interpretation with ground truthing, and the preparation of wetlands maps. We offer the range of expertise required to address almost any issue that arises in the realm of identifying and characterizing regulated wetland resources, analyzing potential direct and indirect impacts, understanding their underlying regulatory implications, developing appropriate mitigation strategies, and preparing permitting documentation.

Our staff includes individuals who hold nationally-recognized certifications, including Professional Wetland Scientists (PWS), Certified Soil Scientists (CSS), as well as New Hampshire Certified Wetland Scientists (NHCWS), one of the few states that have a certification program. Given the size of our wetlands staff, Normandeau is able to tackle large delineation projects in a timely manner, as well as managing smaller projects. Several senior staff members have published books on plant identification and have developed wetlands functional assessment methods, as well as book chapters and articles in professional journals on related topics. We routinely provide cost effective wetland services. Unlike many other environmental firms, our wetlands expertise extends to freshwater, estuarine, and marine environments.

As a science-based environmental consulting firm with over 40 years of experience providing technical expertise and services related to wetlands, Normandeau stands out for its ability to guide its clients toward sound, defensible and reasonable science-based decisions for project and regulatory compliance. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your project needs.