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ATOM data storage


Thermographic image of frigatebird.
Normandeau's Acoustic-Thermographic Offshore Monitoring system (ATOMâ„¢) is a bird and bat detection system that provides day and night monitoring in the offshore environment. This system fulfills multiple research requirements for assessing the ecological risk and impact of offshore development, and overcomes many of the survey challenges inherent in offshore research. ATOM was developed with funding from BOEM, to address specific data gaps identified by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) in early offshore wind wildlife risk studies.

ATOM is a system designed for remote, marine weatherized, self-powered operations at buoys or fixed platforms, including wind turbines or meteorological towers. This design enables ATOM to collect data on bird and bat behavior continuously for long-term deployments, providing essential information on day-night variation, and seasonal variation of bird and bat occurrences at actual or proposed offshore wind facilities with minimum labor effort. ATOM not only provides the essential species-specific, quantitative data on bird and bat occurrences that are needed to perform pre-construction risk and impact assessments, it is also a valuable post-construction monitoring tool.

ATOM combines three types of wildlife sensors that are analyzed in combination:

  • Infrared (thermographic) video for quantifying bird and
    bat passage rates
  • Audible sound for bird vocalizations
  • Ultrasound for bat vocalizations

The thermographic component of the ATOM system is robustly designed to calculate, record and store flight altitude and direction data of all flying animals up to 180 m, while simultaneously capturing acoustic data, providing species-specific identification that is unattainable with radar. Our expert biologists provide identification, analysis and interpretation of all collected data and ensure compliance with federal wildlife protection acts. Our experience with the offshore energy development permitting processes, and U.S. regulatory agencies, enables us to effectively incorporate scientific information into permit applications, monitoring reports, NEPA documents, or many other applications where ecological data need to be integrated into the permitting or regulatory compliance process.

As a science-based environmental consulting firm with over 40 years of experience providing environmental consulting services, Normandeau stands out for its ability to guide you to sound, defensible and reasonable science-based decisions for project and regulatory compliance. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your project needs.