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normandeau technology home.Normandeau Associates is committed to using the most up-to-date technology and cutting-edge techniques to continually improve the efficiency and timeliness of our methods and approaches. The proof is in the success of our projects and high regard of our clients.

Normandeau's patented HI-Z Turb'N Tag® (HI-Z Tag) provides an innovative method to assess turbine, spillway and natural falls fish passage survival. This unique approach has led to the reevaluation of spillways to develop fish-friendlier bypass structures worldwide. Our Aerial High Resolution Imaging technology is a key component of an integrated strategy for successful permitting of offshore wind energy projects. Our Acoustic-Thermographic Offshore Monitoring system (ATOM™) is a bird and bat detection system that provides day and night monitoring in the offshore environment. Normandeau's ReBAT system provides a holistic solution for assessing bat activity. This technology can be used anywhere acoustic monitoring is needed under field conditions, including wind energy facilities and resource areas, mines and caves, assessment of public land management actions, and long-term monitoring, impact assessment, and ecological research. And, Normandeau's Remote Condor Observation Network (ReCON™) is an early detection system that provides energy facility operations centers with realtime alerts of an approaching condor.

Normandeau's technology capabilities include a variety of tools for biological and field data collection (i.e., fish, bats, birds, habitat, sea floor topography, water velocity and other characteristics, and remote detection). Our Geographic Information Systems and Global Positioning Systems tools include Trimble GeoXh, Trimble Yumareceiver, and Trimble ProXRT; industry standard software programs for mapping and analysis; and a platform to view and delineate features in 3D within the ArcGIS Interface; Autodesk Civil 3D CAD software. Normandeau's industry leading Systems for Environment Flow Analysis and Active Hydroacoustic Services include Instream Flow Incremental Methodology (Riverine HABitat SIMulation and PHABSIM), Finite Elem Hydrodynamic, River2D, HEC, MesoHABSIM, and Population Modeling, and StreamTemp.