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ReBAT installation.

Normandeau technician installing a ReBAT system.

rebat locations map.

ReBAT has been deployed in states and provinces across North America.

Little brown bat Whitenose syndrome.

Little brown bat with white-nose syndrome (Source: USFWS)

Since 2008, hundreds of ReBAT systems have been deployed throughout the United States and Canada for various clients including:

  • Akuo Energy
  • Electric Power Research Institute (watch the EPRI video)
  • NextEra Energy Resources
  • NextEra Energy Canada
  • Pattern Energy
  • Stantec
  • We Energies
  • Wind Capital Group

Approximately 56,000 nights of acoustic data have been collected, representing over 4.5 million bat calls.

To meet project needs, ReBAT can be installed on a variety of structures at various heights at any time during the project. For example, at a wind energy facility, ReBAT systems are typically deployed on meteorological towers at the height of the rotor swept zone. ReBAT has also been installed on wind turbine nacelles (watch the EPRI video).

ReBAT can be used anywhere that acoustic monitoring is needed under field conditions, including the following applications:

  • Wind energy facilities and resource areas
  • Mines and caves
  • Assessment of public land management actions
  • Long term monitoring, impact assessment, and ecological research

See the FAQs for more details on installation and deployment.

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