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PreBAT TK™ Tower Mounting Kit

PreBAT TK is an optional tower mounting kit that is installed when the tower is being raised. It provides the advantage of installing the ReBAT monitoring equipment without lowering the tower when you are ready to start monitoring. This kit includes the following:

  1. Pulley System—Used to hoist the ReBAT monitoring equipment when you are ready to start monitoring.
  2. Receptacle Locking System—Will hold the weatherproof housing at a predetermined height and orientation when the ReBAT monitoring equipment is installed.
  3. Detailed installation manual—Includes 24 hour support for installation if your tower crew is installing the kit.

For more information on PreBAT TK, see the FAQs and this brochure (942kb PDF).

See the Service Levels for information on monitoring packages and options.

ReBAT Monitoring System and Services

ReBAT AR125 receiver.

AR125 receiver.

rebat view through reflector plate.

View through reflector plate in relation to the housing and other equipment.

rebat power supply.

Power supply showing battery box, charge controller, and solar panels.

ReBAT is composed of two main components: the field system (equipment and software) and services including data management and call analysis (see Service Levels).

The field system includes the equipment and software that are deployed in the field to capture acoustic data and then transmit it for analysis:

  1. AR125 Detector—A full-spectrum ultrasonic detector, produced by Binary Acoustic Technologies, that detects bat calls.
  2. Receptacle and Pulley System—These are designed to securely attach ReBAT to a meteorological tower or other tall structure. They are not used on the nacelle.
  3. Weatherproof Housing—This nests and locks into the receptacle when used on a met tower or attaches to the exterior of a nacelle on turbines.
  4. Reflector Plate on the Housing—Used to optimize detection of ultrasonic sounds, allowing a larger volume of airspace to be sampled.
  5. Power and Data Cables—Allows transmission of bat call files to the computer control box up to 152 meters (500 feet) away.
  6. Abrasion Resistance Kit for Data Cables—Customized steel mesh jacket to protect the data cables.
  7. Computer Control Box—The system management center that provides:
    1. Data management and storage
    2. Communication and data transmission via cell modem or satellite
    3. System function verification, a real-time indicator of system health
  8. Power Supply—Solar panels and deep cycle batteries that work for 3 to 5 days without solar input. If installed on a nacelle, the mains power at the turbine is used.

Data management and echolocation call analysis services include the following:

  1. Data collection and management includes cell service, data storage, and data transmission to our Operations Center.
  2. Echolocation call analysis includes identification of species or species group.
  3. Data analysis includes spatial and temporal variation in bat activity and correlation of bat activity with atmospheric patterns.
  4. Reporting includes monthly and annual reports.

For information on monitoring packages and options, see the Service Levels.

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