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PreBAT TK™ Tower Mounting Kit

This optional kit can be installed by your crew (equipment only) or Normandeau technicians (full service) when the tower is being raised, which provides the advantage of future installation of the ReBAT monitoring equipment without lowering the tower.

PreBAT TK™ Tower Mounting Kit


Full Service

Equipment Only

Equipment includes the pulley and receptacle locking systems checkmark. checkmark.
Installation Manual and 24 hour support for installation checkmark. checkmark.
Installation by Normandeau technicians when the tower is being raised checkmark.  

ReBAT Monitoring System and Services

You can choose either full service or equipment lease and data management only. The full service package is commonly used by wind developers and agencies. The equipment lease and data management package is commonly used by consulting firms that need assistance with acoustic monitoring, but not with data analysis or reporting.

ReBAT® Monitoring System Packages
Full Service Equipment Lease and Data Management Only

Equipment Lease includes installation, system management, and decommissioning checkmark. checkmark.
Data Collection and Management includes cell service, data storage, and data transmission to our Operations Center checkmark. checkmark.
Echolocation Call Analysis includes identification to species or species group checkmark.  
Data Analysis includes spatial and temporal variation in bat activity and correlation of bat activity with atmospheric patterns checkmark.  

Reporting includes monthly and annual reports checkmark.  

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